Make data-driven, not opinion-driven decisions 

Having smart AI work for you eliminates the subjectivity of human reporting. Now you can know the real picture, not someone’s interpretation of it.

No need to actively search. Have the information you need to know come to you.

Having smart AI means you don't have to search for stuff. Relevant stuff comes to you automatically


Know the important things as they happen

As things evolve fast, stay aware of what’s important. Respond and act as needed, never missing a piece of essential information again. So you're never ”too late”, and keeping yourself always ahead of the curve.


We're here to save your ass

With Base AI by your side working as your lifeguard, you eliminate the chances of missing critical stuff before they become total blunders

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Get control of impending crisis before they become real

Having AI that works for you that learns potential risks and alerts you. Raises flags early enough so you're never late to take actions

Connect your work to business results

Finally, a tool that offers you immediate correlation between the things you and your team get done, and the results they bring.Get all your team to understand the impact they have on the outcomes.

Sync all your team instantly, with no effort

Get everybody on your team on the same page without going through endless update meetings or leaving anyone behind.No more never ending update cycles or “let’s sync” emails.


Security & Privacy

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SOC2 Type 2

security certification


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All of our data is fully encrypted end to end


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We never share any of your content with anyone


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We only show you the content you have permission to view



AI that make you better manager

I know the things I should know. Heck, now I know the things I didn't even know I didn't know.  

It's like having my own Chief of Staff, and I'm not even a director yet.

I'm having the virtual me in work, across all IT platforms, working for me.