No more annoying update meetings.

If you feel you are wasting time on useless sync meetings, you are not alone.

67% of employees complain that spending too much time in meetings hinders them from being productive at work. More than 35% of employees found that they waste 2 to 5 hours per day on meetings and calls, but they achieve nothing to show. it accounts to more than a day per week!

Base AI helps you and your team get synced quickly, without the hassle involved.

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Zero preparation effort organising your data 

No more spending time in prepping, no more anxiety whether you have organised everything in place.

You set the agenda, and Base automatically  brings to you all the relevant material and builds your meeting topics 


Get immediate feedback from your team. 

Your team can now give feedback to the topics, or answer any questions you might pose online. Saving you time from the boring stuff - and makes the meeting efficient and result oriented


Sync all your team instantly, the moment decisions are made

Once decisions are made, or important insights are discovered, you can sync your entire team in one click, never leave any of your team member un-synced behind.


Each update meeting is organised in such a way, that you can easily make your superiors and colleges aware of its output, no need to spend time re telling the story again and again.

Its all about velocity, and taking away the anxiety involved in work for sake of work

Meetings should focus on Monitoring the project; Problem solving; Decision making; Task updating; Prioritisation of tasks; Assignment of tasks; Developing team dynamics; Guiding teams towards intended goal; Ideation; Avoid any misunderstandings or alleviate any tension between teams; Next steps

It should help the team, not cause anxiety.

Have the team synched or a synchechronized. your call

With Base, you can choose to have that meeting synced or a sycnhed -using a chat module that helps you conduct the team at your own scedule, not needing to find "available time slots" for dozens of people.

How it works

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Set agenda


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Select topics


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Get feedback


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informs on decisions


Manage up or laterally


AI that make you better manager

I know the things I should know. Heck, now I know the things I didn't even know I didn't know.  

It's like having my own Chief of Staff, and I'm not even a director yet.

I'm having the virtual me in work, across all IT platforms, working for me.