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Be the best you. Free your mind to focus on what matters with x-ray workflow vision. Managers are juggling a growing number of tools, channels and endless information battling for their attention. As workforces become increasingly remote, prioritization of streamlined information is crucial for clear communications.

Base makes sense of the madness. By collecting and organizing all relevant updates, insights and info across every tool you use, Base helps managers stay on top of everything and take action with confidence quickly. We filter out the noise and make sure you don’t miss the signals - adding hours to your day and keeping your projects on track.

With one click setup, Base’s zero input platform gives you infinite control and lets you continue using all the usual tools across your organization. We map the output so you see the big picture and never miss a thing.

Base was built by senior executives from Wix, Blizzard, Dropbox and OpenWeb who experienced the communication clutter first hand, and is backed by Aleph and StageOne. 

Don't pay attention, own it – with your personalized AI chief of staff.
Focus, not fomo. 


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But in today’s high octane information age and multiple platforms where discussions are happening, it seems to be a big task for a human being. So before you turn to hiring more assistants and additional project managers that you need to manage, maybe it's time technology works its magic.


We only care about what matters - no noise. We are committed to delivery. We are practical, direct and get straight to the point. 

Human multiplier 

We are passionate about creating technology that amplifies humans, making us stronger, better and faster at scale. 


We believe in the human spirit and that people are intelligent, talented, inquisitive, curious and want to learn. 


We strive for transparency so everyone can share thoughts and ideas together and feel connected, impactful and seen.

Worthy of Trust

We have faith in the integrity of people and work relentlessly to earn your trust.