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Become a better manager today 

Get BASE, your own AI chief of staff.

You can monitor & control your team's tasks, your own personal tasks, and tasks you run jointly with others.


Connect Monday, ClickUp, Jira, Asana, SalesForce, or any other platform you used to work with.

BASE keeps you informed and more importantly - it gives you the peace of mind you need. It helps you work together better, and keeps you a confident manager.


How does it work?


Add a task or an action item you have an interest in


Add it directly from Slack, send an email to Base with meeting summary, or simply add anything you want directly from your mobile


Connect your team via Slack and add related links


Add an owner, contributors and interested parties or relevant assets. Connect tickets from Monday, Asana and more.  All communications will be handled via Slack.


Receive risks alerts and highlights in real time


BASE artificial Intelligence technology monitors your task, and constantly checks up for any important updates

Download the BASE App now - free

Never miss a thing again.
Stay on top of things
without being a nag.

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Your team and managers choose to work on their tasks with any SAAS they want. And as their manager it's cool with you. However, it comes with a cost no one talks about - the anxiety of not knowing exactly what's really going on, and not being in control.

BASE collects all the relevant information across all SAAS platforms you work with. Its artificial Intelligence makes sure you stay on top of things and get real time alerts if things go sour, without you have to actively do so.


Why Use BASE for Managers

One place
to see it all 

One place to see all tasks - yours, your teams’ managers and others.

You don't need to goto any other tool.


Tasks are nothing without the team that needs to work on them.

Us BASE to easily share the activities with relevant team members and colleagues.

Smart, automatic status updates and alerts

BASE collect all relevant data from multiple platforms, such as email, Monday, ClickUp, Asana, Jira and more.

Base Artificial Intelligence send automatic updates and risk alerts - on time.

Join our Beta today, download BASE app - it's free

Built for Managers,
by Managers

BASE offers a first of its kind tool that addresses specifically managers and their needs, translating modern management practices into a custom made set of tools every company needs.

Join our Beta today

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What Do Managers Say

With BASE I can quickly see all the things my team does plus what I have on my mind  - all in in one place.
I don't need to go anywhere else to search for relevant people or stuff.

Deena Levies,

I am no longer the nagging manager, always checking in to see what’s going on
I have the peace of mind that I will never miss anything important

Tom Smithenson, 

VP Marketing

Now I can mentor my management team, not monitor them.
I can provide useful feedback instead of asking for syncs and updates

Tilly Green,

Join our Beta today, download BASE - free!

Finally, a tool that helps you become a more effective manager.


Join our Beta today, download BASE - free

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